TX Technology designs and manufactures continuous remote monitoring and
control systems unique in the marketplace because of their long distance
capability. We measure our definition of the word REMOTE in dozens of miles
because this function is not an afterthought or cumbersome add-on. We also
provide autonomous CONTROL of devices and systems at long distances
once an alarm or out-of-range condition is detected.

We also design and manufacture remote addressable sensors that will allow
many more points to be monitored, pressure and flow transducers, and
computer controlled air dryers systems.

Systems manufactured by TX Technology are still providing faithful service
after 24 years of operation. Our quality is designed and manufactured into
everything we make.

We have delivered and installed over 17,000 monitoring and control
. Since 1968, when we were named Chatlos Systems we have
delivered over 750,000 transducers that are currently in use. Among our
renowned and satisfied customers are branches of the U. S. Military,
Government Agencies (FAA, NIH), major industrial companies, and
telecommunications companies around the world.

Applications include monitoring and control systems for factories, malls,
casinos, warehouses, telecomm facilities, water impoundments, and public
structures of all sizes. This includes monitoring, alarming, initiating pre-
determined redemptive actions, beginning corrective actions, calling a list of
the right people, and providing threshold and trend reporting. Whatever can be
measured can be monitored.

Our early warning monitoring and control systems are designed to provide
advanced warning of malfunctions before they happen. Whether you are
monitoring process controls, quality control, analytics, reaction management,
individual analyzers, or hundreds of sensors miles away we have the constant
monitoring and control system to fit your demands.
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